Universal Design Studio

Universal Design Studio asked Nocturne to make 20 brass lamps for the new Fortnum & Mason restaurant at The Royal Exchange, which opened in November 2018.

We collaborated with UDS and London based glass artist Michael Ruh to design and make the lamps which are mounted around the glass and brass frame of the main bar. Michael Ruh hand blew all the beautiful straw coloured glass shades and reeded globes for the lamp centres.

We hand bent the brass arms from 3/8” brass tube, turned and milled the brass glass holders and then these parts were first polished, then satin mopped, before being bronzed with a specialist lacquer coating.

Tala LED pygmy bulbs were used in the lights which have a golden tint, giving the whole bar a warm glow.

Nocturne also made the reception lamp which was milled from a brass tube with a 5/8” think wall. We cut over 80 vertical 2mm wide lines to create a reeded face around the main cylinder of the lamp. This was finished off with a unmilled brass lower collar and a 1/2” brass disc for the base plate. The brass work was then sanded, satin mopped, patinated and waxed.

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Link to Michael Ruh Studio here