Kimpton Fitzroy London

Approached by Russell Sage Studio to make three lighting designs for their interior design for Fitz’s Bar as part of the hotel refurbishment, we worked up drawings and prototypes for each lamp from their initial designs.

We made six pendant lamps with three opal glass globes on each inspired by an antique find. They have a shade around each globe made from flat rolled brass sheet, with a thin steel frame to hold them in place.

The deco inspired wall lights were made from brass tube which were all bent using custom built jig tool and then were tack soldered together and then screwed to the back plate. The lamps have a half mirrored globe bulb which lights the wall rather than dazzling the eyes.

Ten battery powered brass table lamps were made for the main room, built with a combination of brass laser cuts that slot together, lather turned parts and topped with a half brass ball spinning. They all have LED rechargable downlighters inside the half ball, which can be taken out to be recharged. We made a brass capsule to contain all the electronics.

All lights were hand finished and patinated.

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