Rockwell East

Rockwell East is a brand new design-led aparthotel and café situated just a short walk from the Tower of London with interiors designed by Waldo Works Studio.

Nocturne was asked to make the standard lamps and coffee tables designed by Waldo Works for each room of the hotel. We made the table frames from bright mild steel which is then sanded back smooth, patinated and then a shellac based lacquer is applied to create dark bronze finish. The whole frame is then waxed. The concrete tops were made with bespoke colour mixes chosen by the designers and were supplied to us to fit into the frames.

The lights were made from steel and aluminum with a powder-coated paint finish, all were fitted with a dimmers and LED light bulbs. The shallow depth of the shade give the light a great light throw in the room. We also made an uplighter version of the light with a half round shade.

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Visit Rockwell East with a link to their website here.

Photos from Rockwell East / Waldo Works Studio